Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Sick unhealthy fascination #1

Today I found myself watching on TV, girls trying to convince heiress Paris Hilton to choose them as her BFF (Best Friend Forever).
I'm amazed by how Paris can take herself seriously; how insecure (or secure? I'm not sure) must those 20-something girls be to be willing to portray themselves as such spineless un-intelligent suck-ups on international TV; how can ANYBODY not burst out laughing while walking on a fake red carpet with a maddeningly serene looking Paris Hilton (See photo below for her trademark expression.. drives me crazy.. ALMOST - emphasis on almost - makes me want to watch her infamous sex-tape just to see if she looked that vapid and peaceful even mid-coitus) and face a phoney paparazzi and answer questions like 'How does it feel to be Paris's new BFF?' (Read, Paris's new disposable toy) or 'Do you think you're more famous than Paris?' (No prizes for guessing the right answer to that one)
How sickly self obsessed can a person be to conduct and judge a competition where girls have to try their darndest to look like you (bleached blonde pigtails in Paris's case.. apparently the more unperturbed you are about looking like a drag queen, the more Paris likes you), and the winner gets to be your BFF? How dumb can you be to actually be under the illusion that you actually WANT to be Paris Hilton's New BFF?? I'm baffled! I'm nearly hyperventilating here, yet I cannot bring myself to switch channels; I'm mesmerized by the - i can't even pick a word, absurdity? outrageousness? frivolity?. And after all this, if Paris isn't happy with your level of subservience, you're eliminated, which of course, that would be the end of the world. Forget a cure for Cancer, global warming, diamonds even.. what a girl really wants, is to be Paris Hilton's use-and-throw dummy.

I think Ms Hilton isn't as stupid as she looks. She is a sadistic rich b**** who fills up the voids in her heart with the insecurity of other people.

Or PH's new BFF is simply a show made by sad people starring sad little rich girls, watched by sad people .

The third possibility is that or the whole thing is staged. God knows she has the money to pull it off. The producers are smart and the girls in the show are just really good actors; all of them collectively feeding on the masochistic tendencies of the audiences to raise their TRP's. In that case, what can I say.. the joke's on me.


  1. I'm with you 100% Nandu- radhavaliamma

  2. Hi Nandita
    Do watch Piers Morgan's interview with Paris Hilton and her mother at CNN.com.