Saturday, March 3, 2012


As of now (03-Mar-2012, 17:48 IST), #100WaysToDieInIndia is trending on Twitter. Globally that is. So I thought it would be amusing to see what people outside of India know about India.. In fact, so enamoured did I get with this notion that I abandoned my dissertation work in this noble pursuit.

What I found out:-
1) Indian food is deadly spicy.

2) Indians hate Pakistanis

3) It is unheard of to not love SRK

4) Indian elders regularly beat kids with chappals

5) Cows, goats and elephants trample on us frequently. Cobras also.

6) Indian parents have no tolerance for their wayward (read non-engineering/medically inclined) offspring.

7) Indians are all vegetarians

8) Indians all have long names

9) Indians often sell body parts to buy cricket tickets

10) Indian men don't cheat

11) Abusing a Sardar is frowned upon.

12) We all marry our cousins. And Sanji is a real name.

13) If not that then at least we must do arranged marriage

As if all of this wasn't enough, we've got these to worry about -
whatever they are..