Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Queen of Convenience

Just when you thought I'm done with this!
So I happened to read these few other blogs and realized I don't really want to abandon this. I think the reason I don't write 99/100th of the times I get the urge is because I'm too conscious. For some mundane reason I've convinced myself that I need complete privacy while writing. That's tosh.
So it just struck me right now that I'm reading 3 books at the same time, and at snail pace. And none of them is a comic or particularly light reading.
There's the Wodehouse that I read at night. Except nowadays (nowanights?) I'm so tired by the time I get to bed, I barely read a couple of pages before snoozing.
Then there's the Agatha Christie, my first ever, that I read in the loo. Yes I read in the loo. And I personally know at least 5 other people that do the same so its hardly a big deal.
Finally there's Swathi's copy of Vernon God Little, my 2nd attempt at that. And judging by my current pace, Swathi might not get it back before 2012.
Lately I've been going book crazy. The weather's been so good, I have my own money (even if its a miniscule amount), and I've been so caught up with work that its been ages before I've had one whole peaceful day to myself. There's so many things I want to read. I hope I get around to it soon.
I dream about having a nice home in a rainy place, where I can write. If only I could get my words to flow. And my wallet too.
As much as I love them, there are a few things I simply cannot digest.
Historical Romances: I know they're supposed to be beautiful and literary and all that but they're so darn boring! And how HOW can anybody relate to characters names Marcus and Iphignia?
Philosophy without a story: Fountainhead is one of my best reads ever. But I can't read long pieces of prose with an excess of metaphors and ambiguous symbolism however well written it may be. That might be why my poetry can never be called 'poetry'. :) (see prvs entries for confirmation)
Some classics with old English: Eg. Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe I have never completed those.
On a completely different note, bless Satkrit Krishna!
Find of the Week: Kings of Convenience - Mrs Cold


  1. I'm not sure which historical romances you've read, but it'd be a real shame if you haven't tried jane austen! she's probably the only 'literary' writer i've read, and I liked her books purely because of the humour in them! lol. the language is a lil awkward to read at first, but otherwise, they're like the bridget jones of the 17th century!

  2. I'v tried to read one Kingdom of Heaven..and one crappy historical porn book Naimi had. That was hilarious though :D