Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Plan

When 2010 begun I was all set to begin my stint in Bangalore, one step closer to the long journey to a PhD in Bioinformatics I thought.
When 2010 ended I had just finished my training period as a web content developer at my favorite radio station.
Quite a leap.
People's perceptions of these developments have been varied. As comfortable and at home I feel with what I'm doing I often find myself haunted by this nagging feeling of disapproval that the air is so thick of, especially at home.
Suffocated is what I am, with love, and with expectations. For once in my life I want to fly. I want the free spirit in me to be unleashed. For once.
I want to take my time, make mistakes; i want to know who I am, unbound by society's perceptions of me, unaffected by the expectations, and the dreams of others.
I want to stop doubting myself, stop trying to make things I don't really want, happen. I want to be me. I do wish that someday the people I love and who genuinely want the best from me realize that even I want the best for me. I'm not completely self destructive.
That's my plan.
Happy New Year

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  1. soar high, princess. hope you have an exciting 2011 :)