Thursday, March 10, 2011

Graduation Day Apathy

March the 26th is our convocation day. The day we get presented our Masters degrees. As tedious as my couple of years in SRMC was, I decided to go, if not for love for the University, at least out of the sentiment that it would probably be the last time the dysfunctional set of MSc Bioinformatics pursuers would be in one place willingly.


I wouldn't even have to take a day off from work I figured. I could just walk in after work on Saturday at about 3, snatch my degrees, say the customary Hi's and Byes to fellow classmates and lecturers and walk off.. maybe after lunch at KFC with the few ones I have some affection for.
But turns out that's not the way Graduation ceremonies work. There's a rehearsal. A bleddy rehearsal.
On the day before. Not just that, we had to report at some unearthly hour to get the robes (I'm taking a wild guess they'll be yellow) and just to keep up with the trend of getting on my nerves, the college has a dress code. And not the kind they enforce every day ie. salwar kameez. They want us to wear Saris.
That was the last straw.
I'll get my degree from the courier man thank you very much.

What a negative attitude to have, many of you will wonder. But somehow I've never been psyched about Graduation Day like my peers. My first graduation, for my bachelors degree in VIT I never went for. Received that by post as well. And looks like it'll be the same this time. While the others cherish this day forever, the caps, the robes, the customary photo with proud mummy/daddy has never been done.

I guess I just haven't felt like I've accomplished something close to me, in my life so far. I've never graduated from something worthwhile enough to me. Hopefully that will happen at some point.

Someday, I too will switch the Graduation Tassel.