Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Curious Case of the Automan in the Morning Time..

There's few things that intrigue in Chennai more than Auto drivers do. They are easily the most misunderstood, stereotyped community in the city. Since I take an auto every morning from home to work, I've begun to become a recognized figure in the Auto circles in front of Student Xerox centre. Or maybe it's the other way round, but the point is that it's come to stage where I have these regular auto drivers who recognize me and take me to my destination without having to direct them or bargain.
Before I tell you my story you should know that normally, I want to go to Egmore, auto drivers ask for 40 or 50 and I bring it down to 30 and seal the deal. After the petrol hike, me being the righteous person I am had the heart to increase the amount to 35, even though it's less than 2km of travel. And trust me that 5 rupees matters; with my pay it does.
So yeah, today I walked up to auto stand, coolly said Egmore Ashoka Hotel like I always do.
He said get in, like they always do.
I said 35 bucks, in a take it or leave it kind of tone, mentally preparing myself to fight for the 5 bucks, like i always do.
He said 30, wait.
I said Eh?
He said 30.
I said 30?
He said 30.
I said well, okayyyy. And got into the vehicle.

Meanwhile my mind was going overdrive. Was he a rich autodriver maybe? Does he want to lure me into some kind of trap? Do i resemble is dead aunt? Is my shirt too low cut?
Or wait.... Could he.. could he just be a nice man who only wanted what he deserved?
Thankfully I reached my destination. I thought about giving him the 5 bucks extra anyway but I didn't want to offend him or anything so i didn't. I thanked him he said thanks back and left.
Leaving me mildly dumbfounded and a little ashamed at how quickly and easily I jumped to dramatic conclusions.


  1. Lol that is a rarity!
    You should have asked him to come by every morning :)

  2. hey..thats cool!! but then it can be ur shirt too!! :-P

  3. you are right, nandu. We do tend to be overly suspicious of genuinely nice people...but then, perhaps it is because genuinely nice people are rare!

  4. someone's posting more often lately. good i say! :)