Sunday, February 13, 2011

Theory of a Mad woman...

So I have this theory.
Lately I've begun to notice that a large proportion of parents with girls waiting to get arranged married off have been having a hard time finding a suitable boy. It's not as easy as it used to be and that could be because the educated girl has higher standards & expectations. But I think there's another reason. A trend.
The number of youngsters willing to and successfully falling in love have experienced a steep incline. As a result of the still existent tradition of sons being given more freedom than daughters, this trend is manifested at a somewhat higher level in the boys. Therefore the nice guys are all getting hooked in a frenzy.. and we all know how rare they are already. That leaves among the eligible bachelors, a few really good catches, many substandard ones and more than a handful of losers.
And among the women its the same but there's a higher number of good catches since girls are generally more protected in the Indian household.
So lets say there's 500 boys and 500 girls in the world.
200 boys are good, 300 bad
300 girls are good, 200 bad
Out of these 150 good boys and 150 good girls hook up. So in the market is:-
50 good boys, 300 bad boys
150 good girls, 200 bad girls

Since we're not interested in the bad people, bottom-line is that 150 good girls have to fight over 50 good boys or settle for the remaining mediocre 300 bad boys.
Ofcourse there are plenty of loopholes here, but hopefully you get the essence of what I'm saying.
It's a tough world out there for parents... Happy Hunting!


  1. hahaha yes, we did need a graphical representation to grasp the theory. and where o where are these remaining 50 good boys?! :P

  2. bad girl owns good girl 4.5:1 !

    on a more serious note, what is a bad girl/boy?

  3. my head is spinning...nandu- fall in love FAST!

  4. Good question. The bad/good- girl/boy system (BGGBS) is an oversimplified (and sometimes inaccurate)classification technique for people based on Social Acceptance Criteria (SAC) like
    i) education (B-50%,G-40%),
    ii)looks (B-5%,G-15%),
    iii) family background(B&G-18%),
    iv) financial status (B&G-12%) and
    v) character(B&G-15%).
    Based on these factors, a boy/girl is classified as GOOD or BAD depending on IF they manage to cross a calculable threshold value.

    Note- Bracketed % age values refer to gender specific weightage of each factor, subject to family specific variations.

    Appachi, Too late for that. I'm my parents' problem now :)