Thursday, February 10, 2011

Master of None...


With respect to vocation, there are two types of happy people in this world. Those of you who actually read my blog (ie. Archana..i hope) will at this juncture heave an internal (or external, based on how emotive you are) groan of irritation.Does this woman's imagination not run beyond classifying people into 2 categories?? - you might be thinking. If you are, then worry not, i promise you this time its a whole lot simpler and shorter.
The first type of happy people are those who are inclined to one area, they pursue that area doggedly, make a name of themselves. They're happy.
The second type of happy people are those who are never happy doing one thing for long. They have a wide variety of interests, take life maybe a little less seriously. They do many things, as, when and how they please. They're happy too.
The unhappy people fall under these categories too but they are those who, not recognizing which type they fall under, keep striving to become the opposite type.
The secret is simple - type yourself and make the most of it.

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