Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tri Valley Phoniversity

Are students this desperate to study/settle abroad? Its pathetic and disheartening, how these kids compromise themselves to below standard institutions, which don't even look good on paper.

I decided to check if the University website is still up to see if it looked bogus. I wanted to laugh, i wanted to cry, i wanted to scream. The grammar is the least of the problems.

Student Profiles

Hugh Nugen Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Department, Major: Analog IC
Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2000, U.C.Berkeley; M.S. Northwestern Polytechnic University, Electrical Engineering, 2004;
Profile: Senior Staff Engineer and Supervisor at Vashay-Siliconix. Hugh Nugen actually contributes to the inception of TVU. As Dr.Su's former graduate student, Hugh one day posed her a question :"I want to study for Doctorate Degree in Electrical Engineering. Which university shall I go to?" To which, she first answers him " Go to this university", He said:" This university does not have that.". She then told him "Go to that university.". He said :" That university does not have this.". Couple of months later, she finally was able to provide him a satisfactory answer "Come to Tri-Valley University then!". Tri-Valley University is built according to our students need and request. Most of the features are actually suggested to build by our students.

Ashwin Reddy
Profile: Ashwin is currently work for a company.

Alice Wilcox, BSBA
Education: Associated Degree, Diablo College
Profile: "After attend the college for a AA degree, I went straightly to work. I then own my own business at Livermore CA and it has been very successful. Now I am retired and pass the business to my son, I want to complete my Degree for personal fulfillment. Also I can set up an real example for my grandson to earn the degree, every time I told him to. "
Don't believe me? See for yourself.


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