Monday, October 11, 2010

The Amazing Race - My Fantasy Teams..

I started watching this reality series years back, when AXN used to air them very late but I never knew the difference anyway. It quickly became one of my all time favorite TV programmes ever. Phil Keoghan is my hero. The show is a masterpiece for so many reasons. To summarize, The Amazing Race is a race around the world, with 11 teams of 2 who fight elimination at the end of nearly each episode. Each team has 2 people who share a specific bond - among what i'v seen there's been mum-daughter, grandad-grandson, gay couple, husband-wife, siblings, roommates, colleagues etc..
What makes this show unique is how they manage to establish this feeling of closeness between the teams and the viewers of the show without resorting to mindless shallow nonsense like romances, bitching, and other drama. Each episode is so jampacked with action that its amazing how the editors manage to get each contestant's personality across without any fabrication.
Like for example today's episode had me rooting for Micheal and Kevin to finish, the father-son duo so much that there was a lump in my throat. I was literally jumping up and down in glee when Kevin (the Dad) actually overcame his fatigue to finish the leg just so he doesn't let his son down. And Micheal was so unbelievably supportive.
This show always exhilarates me.
Like every fan does, obviously i've thought about what it would be like to actually participate. I wonder who i'd take...

Scenario 1: Nandita and Bindu - Daughter/Mother
Most likely outcome: We'll have a lot of goofy fun for sure. But the physical tasks will do us in. Also Amma will probably be too scared that i'll fall in love with some cute co-contestant and arguments will ensue.

Scenario 2: Nandita and Raju/Jayaraj - Daughter/Father
Most likely outcome: We'd make an awesome team. But I can't watch acha doing the tasks with his backache.

Scenario 3: Nandita and Archana - Best Friends
Most likely outcome: Snort... Considering neither of us possess the fitness to last or the social skills to talk our way through... We do have our intellect though! Right?

Scenario 4: Nandita and Nirupama - Cousins
Most likely outcome: Okay, to be honest I'm pretty sure Thama at some point (or more) would lose her cool with me or while driving and i would get into a stubborn tantrum. Its been known to happen..

Scenario 5: Nandita and Nitin - Siblings from hell
Most likely outcome: He pisses me off. I lecture him. He stops talking to me. Elimination.

Scenario 6: Nandita and Swathi - Friends and Rivals (*wink wink;) )
Most likely outcome: Swathi might actually be useful considering her expertise in French.. And she has stamina.. But I can't trust her. She might fraternize with a good looking enemy..

Scenario 7: Nandita and Anuragh - Very contrasting Friends
Most likely outcome: This one i'v actually seriously thought about! Anuragh's pretty much done it all and probably has the people skills. I have the brains and the charm (really!). But then again if we lose it will proabably be because of me and I definitely have too much pride to risk having that happen!

Scenario 8: Nandita and Mridula - Ex-Roommates and Lunatics
Most likely outcome: Haaaa! This would be crazy fun! Drama guaranteed with Mri's uninhibitions and my nagging. Even if we last one leg it will definitely be a memorable experience!

Scenario 9: Nandita and Alekhya - Ex-roomies and Catfighters
Most likely outcome: Oh this one should increase the TRP's.. Chappal fights, blood, bald-spots galore!

Scenario 10: Nandita and Naimi - Ex-roomies and Confidantes
Most likely outcome: We'd make a pretty good team actually. Both of us can keep a calm head, work together..but fitness would pose a major challenge. I really wouldn't want Naimi to die during a stunt :\

So those were the 10 scenarios i could think of till now. None are perfect but thats the spirit of the game i suppose!


  1. Anurag scores over Mri Naimi and me??? really??? U BIYAAAATCHHH and what bald spots?

  2. i object too! i'm sure im waay fitter than shawdy, wat with her weakend lungs n al :D

  3. ure so not fitter than me! have u seen me in action woman?!?! :D
    gawd really? enemies? right. *rolls eyes"*

    and i come after archana? like 5 names after her? really??? :| :P

  4. LOL.. you know i love you all :)

  5. lol! no i haven seen u in action swats, n thank god for that :P
    n wat rivals? explain someone!
    don worry swats, she only wrote my name first coz i grumbled about not bein mentioned anywhere in her earlier blogs. even daga got a mention! (lol he wont b readin this no?)
    she doesn deserve our love i tel u!

  6. :D
    Daga??? Thats cuz he was there with the others for my balloon cake! Ofcourse he got a mention.
    *rolls eyes*