Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Would Life Have been Different?

You know how sometimes, something happens, you see something, and it makes you feel something indescribable that you just havejot down in your blog so you don't forget that feeling? Well.. This is not one of those times.

Would Life Have been Different?

If not for that X, if I was a Y,
Would I be that different, born a guy?
If the doctor’s hand shook, If I hadn’t cried,
Would I have suffocated and died?

If the last two lines somewhat despair,
I like morbidity, come on! Grow a pair.
That brings us back to the point of this poem.
But points are overrated, like Paris and Rome.

Was there a point to the Taj Mahal,
Why is water vellam and milk paal?
Okay, I know I might be wrong,
But who cares, after all life’s a song.

What I’m actually trying to say is,
Mallika Sherawat’s a snake in Hiss,
Now you’re thinking, I’m a waste of space on earth,
But hey! People said that about Colin Firth.

Though that seemed like a nice way to sign off,
My fingers are restless, they can’t hear that scoff,
Funny I should mention the auditory sense,
My ears have been feeling uncharacteristically dense.

Today’s almost over, and so is this verse,
I really don’t need to hear you curse.
This is what happens when nothing inspires,
I might as well say Austin Powers is Mike Myers.


  1. WOW... another budding poet in the family - this time with the family sense of humour too!!! Dangerous... !!!

  2. lol 'grow a pair' is favourite phrase, isn't it?
    n why is there a taj mahal in the illustration? or a mermaid for that matter. . .?

  3. It's Mallika Sherawat the snake u ninny.
    Did you even read the poem! Follower u call yourself..
    Payi chechi, budding poet maybe, don't think i'l bloom however :) Yes, be very scared...

  4. loll! dats mallika sherawat? i thot that was a mermaid too and i was all happy maybe id get a mention this time! :|

  5. ohh.. my bad. :D
    n haaaa at swats :P

  6. LOL you both thought mallika sherawat the snake was swathi the mermaid?? :DDDD