Friday, October 15, 2010

From Ribosomes to Radio..

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Got my first pay today. Its not much at fact my driver reportedly earns more. But that makes sense doesn't it? I bet he does more work than me anyway.
Anyway, its amazing how much a first pay can mean to a person irrespective of the amount. I used to see people with facebook updates that expressed the same thing and i always secretly wondered what the fuss was about. Now i realize that, at least for me, I'm hardly thinking of what to do with the money. I'm just so freakin' proud of myself. I think the main reason is cuz i can confidently say that I did it all by myself from the beginning. Of course my crazy-assed friends made me believe I could do this but for a change this is one step in my life I'v taken with no external strings attached. So thats what this cheque means to me. Freedom. Pride and Responsibility.
That and the elation that I actually lasted 1 month at a radio station.. !!

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