Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bollywood+Books=Chalk+Cheese ?

Chetan Bhagat. I'm not sure if I qualify as a fan. The main reason I own his books is because they're priced so conveniently. His books are a fun read. Very relate-able, very simplistic and I appreciate him for the fact that he's gotten thousands of non-readers to read.
I almost always stand up for him when my friends trash him. And I'm nonchalant when people rave about him to me. That's the kind of relationship I have with CB's books.
But one thing I have never understood about authors, and especially CB is how they can allow,watch and tolerate their books becoming demeaning ultra silly movies.
I mean i wonder that about J.K.Rowling too, but despite my deep dislike for the HP movies they're not THAT undigestable.
But CB movies. Where do i start.. It all begins with the most flawed casting you can imagine. Its like watching Brad Pitt playing Harry Potter.
Which is saying a lot. Because its not even like CB's characters are that memorable. They're nice, but there's nothing to get attached to you know.. I mean I can't even recall the names of the guys in 5 point someone though I liked the book. You feel for them when they're front of you but there's no lasting impression.
So to cast badly enough to spoil even this is saying a LOT!
Now I hear Priyanka Chopra (Tam-Bram?) and Saif Ali Khan (college-kid?) are playing the leads for 2 states- the movie.
'Nuff said.
Then there's item numbers. I mean come on. You know something's wrong if you have such less confidence in your script that you think u must add an item number to the movie (about a phone-call from God, nonetheless) to make people watch it.
And it still did not work.
I liked 3 idiots but I'm not counting that as a 5 point someone remake sorry.
I just think CB should love his books a little more.


  1. oo time for some bhagat bashin!:D u know wat, its not that his books are that terrible,they have their funny moments and they are kinda relatable (at least the first couple of ones)and they're quick reads, its jus that his writing doesn merit the kinda acclaim he gets!
    and shut up about harry potter movies! i like em! :D

  2. but then uv liked a lot of other trashy things :) ... some of which would not be wise to mention on this forum... :)

  3. lol. . . . it was probably all those bad influences around me:P