Thursday, October 14, 2010

There are 2 types of people in this world......

My ENT doctor kicks ass! And that's very generous of me considering he doesn't seem to like me much. My first appointment he lectured me on how the ear isn't a dustbin to be cleaned (when i told him abt my cotton bud usage. So sue me :p ). My second appointment he was ticked off with me because I forgot my prescription (Amma's fault). During the de-waxing session he snapped at me only around 27 times. 'Please don't move', he said, except it felt more like 'Stay still Dammit!'
Yeah so i'm fairly certain I'm not his favorite patient.
So why do i thinks he kicks ass? because that blunt to-the-point rudeness is so refreshing! Its the sugarcoated folks that attract the most praise but its the mean do-gooders that actually do the difficult stuff.
I'm not ashamed to say I'm one of the sugarcoated lot. Yes. Pains me to admit it but I can't help but want to make people feel good! That makes me feel good. You see where i'm going?

Let me break it down for you. See, 2 kinds of people who do good.
1. Crowd Pleaser (Me, Peter Keating)
2. Meanie (My ENT, Howard Roark )
Me and ENT being real world examples, and Keating and Roark (Read Fountainhead) being slightly exaggarated but powerful examples.

Now ABC meets type-1 and type-2.
ABC represents the common man, of average education, average views and the behaviour of ABC in the following scenarios are at a random time when ABC is in an average mood.
In Scenario 1 and 2 ABC is going for a party wearing horizontal stripes that unbeknownst to him/her (okay who am i kidding..ABC's a girl), accentuates her unflattering flabbiness.
In Scenario 3 and 4 ABC is a persistent yet so-far-unpublished writer. In all 4 scenarios ABC asks type-1 and type-2 for their views.

Scenario 1

ABC: Hi Type-1! Do I look fat? :(
Type-1: No! I think you look hot!
ABC has a blast at the party.

Scenario 2
ABC: Hi Type-2! Does this make me look fat? :(
Type-2: Yea.. It actually does.
ABC: Oh..

My Analysis
Okay in my opinion, Type-1 did the wiser thing here. When it comes to such superficial things like clothes and looks, if a couple of white lies can make the person a more confident person then why the hell not! If ABC was wearing it in the first place, then ABC likes it, ABC just needs a self esteem boost. You dont ask someone how you look unless you think you might look good. Now all Type-2 would have done is make her self conscious and possibly ruined her night, (Don't kill me if you're feminist) just for something as inconsequential as her body structure! Lets move on to Scenario 3 and 4..

Note: In scenario 3 n 4,ABC, though a persistent writer isn't as talented as he thinks he is.

Scenario 3

ABC- I'v sent my manuscript to the 15th publishing company..
Type-1- Don't lose hope man..Keep trying and you'l breakthrough someday.

Scenario 4

ABC- I'v sent my manuscript to the 15th publishing company..
Type-2- Listen kiddo. I think its time to move on..

My Analysis
Now this is a very sensitive scenario. And in these types of life altering times is when I feel type-2 is the hero. Think about it. If ABC had Type 1's all around him he/she would possibly live his whole life in the delusion that IT will happen one day. All this time maybe ABC's actual calling is cooking! Or animation. And ABC ends up wasting a large part of his life chasing something he believes he loves.
On the other hand, type-2 might have just made an enemy in ABC, but if it is true, and the possibility of truth in what Type-2 said will linger in ABC's mind, and it might lead to ABC realizing 1 of 2 things- either type-2 is right and I have better things in store for me elsewhere, OR I love writing, enjoy writing and henceforth I would stop writing to please the publishers and type-2 and start writing just because.
I don't think I'v been my concise-est best in describing this but I'v tried my best. What I'm trying to say is, as bitter and painful as it may seem like, type-2 actually did the right thing for ABC!

So for those of you who are still reading this, I'm done with my rant now :) Most of this has been inspired by Fountainhead (ayn rand) and personal experience. I've been ABC at so many different points in my life. Its quite possible I've been Type-1 too. But i'm trying real hard to get the mental strength to be more type-2 and i know i'm getting there.
So this is dedicated to the Type 2's in my life and the Type 1's who've told me i don't look fat ;)


  1. Uh... I am type 1 personified... you can be Type 2 with me... to think you were saying all those as a Type 1 !!!!

  2. Okay the fact that I'm embarrassingly Type 1 can be best explained by the example of how happy I am that SOMebody read this post.